More About me

My past 25 years on this planet, with a majority of time spent in cities, have made me experience so much information that my background in architecture(design) combined with my passion for travelling and photograph seems more relevant than ever. It has inspired me to engage more in the process of dealing with complex urban narratives(climate, environment, living) across various scales. Hence, my work draws inspiration from different fields of technology, arts, information, material sciences and anthropology, to name a few. You can find some of my previous work done here

My previous works and projects as solutions to problems had a particular form and structure that necessarily come from my formal education in architecture, but on the contrary, I am a firm believer that this can surely change and hence I have been collaborating with people from outside my discipline.

I worked with Fab Lab CEPT, Ahmedabad as a research assistant in 2017 and developed a binder-jet concrete 3d printer. I also worked in Vietnam and Bangladesh for 4 months each.

Author's Message

If you like my work and this website or would like to further discuss about any project, feel free to connect with me. Thank you so much for your time.