Healthy Nagarro Initiative

Brief Overview

During the month of August, Prof. Jitesh Panchal from Purdue University taught us a course on Design Thinking that culminated into a project called "Healthy Nagarro Initiative". I was leading a team of 5 people where I presented various interdisciplinary solutions at the end of the course. The report below discusses all the solutions with context. In particular the solutions 2 and 3,and Immerse section were done by my team members and their contributions is deeply appreciated. My work on understanding,research, indeating and visualizing problems and soltutions was deeply appreciated and as a result, I got an opportunity to do a research project with Prof. Jitesh Panchal remotely on using Machine Learning to understand human behaviour on decision making.


If you like my work and this website or would like to further discuss about any project, feel free to connect with me. Thank you so much for your time.