A place among ruins

Architectural narrative through Palimpsest

Brief Overview

“The land, so heavily charged with traces and with past readings, seems very similar to a palimpsest.”- André Corboz, The Land as a Palimpsest, 1983.

The human fascination with ruins is not new, but the ones related with war is usually neglected. Not much has been done to preserve the modern ruins caused by war which defines the landscapes of that place. If not preserved they end up into landfills and the past is buried. These landscapes are scarred with series of strife and turmoil. One day they will have a tale to tell when they become a forgotten history. One such place is Lebanon, scorched by various wars and histroy of demolition in the downtown region, its urban landscape tells a story and the architecture homes it. The small yet significant structure is a light box with variable degree of natural light present in various zones.

Site and History of downtown Beirut leading to an interpretation centre

Location and site

History of Downtown Beirut

Programmatic Distribution

Detailed Design


Section AA'

Section BB'

Exploded isometric view

Construction details

Construction of perforated brick wall

The interior spaces are allowed to have as much natural light as possible

The bricks of lightbox rotate as per the direction of the sun



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